If you are a:

speaker  |  trainer  | educator

or business coach

And you are:

  • Having difficulty keeping up with all of the details of your business
  • Working solo trying to do it all yourself
  • Overwhelmed with the follow-up process and things have begun falling through the cracks
  • Wanting more time to do the work you love


Then, read on . . .

Scenario #1

Your business has become your life because you are passionate about what you do, but as your business grows (a good thing) it's becoming too much of your life (a bad thing.)  You're juggling too many plates and too many details.  It's taking time away from what you really want to do and what you do best.

Scenario #2

You like working alone as a solo entrepreneur in your business.  But sometimes it sure would be nice to have another person to bounce ideas off of, to help with perspective, to help organize some of the many details.

Scenario #3

You know you could use some back office support but you don't want a full or even a part-time employee because you don't have the space or the equipment for one.  You could use an assistant once in a while, even for just a few hours each month.  But where do you find one of those?

Can you find yourself in one of these scenarios?  Or maybe all of them?


Get the time you deserve

and the focus you need

to work on what you do best !


Because you matter | your message matters | and I know what matters
to keep your business running smoothly.


  • Don’t let lack of time rob you of your creativity
  • You’ve got a message to share that the world needs to hear
  • You don’t have to do it alone
  • Get help

I support trainers, educatorsspeakers and business coaches.

You understand that it takes time to create your programs and do what you do best.  I understand your need for this time and that it takes even more time to handle the non-revenue producing administrative and marketing details of running a smooth and profitable business.  I can help!

My focus is to support you and your business along your journey to success.

Interested? Read on or contact me right now, right here.


Karen Brockman is, without question, the best Speaker Assistant I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  Besides being organized, efficient, smart and professional, she is a bulldog of determination, attempting to get me booked.  I could not recommend her more highly!

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