What can a Certified Professional Virtual Speaker’s Assistant do for me?

  • Help expand your speaking & training opportunities as well as maximize the efficiency of your follow up process after your speaking engagements, so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Diminish your research time searching for speaking opportunities & increase your available time as well as your profits by delegating that work to an assistant.
  • Reduce the stress of attending to business administrative details & maximize your gifts, allowing your creative juices to flow freely in preparing and writing your presentations and books.
  • Avoid doing tasks you don’t enjoy doing, removing them from your plate & delegating to your assistant, leaving you more time to focus on the work you excel at and enjoy.
  • Remove the struggle of doing it all yourself by working with someone who understands your business mission & knows your business goals.

My job is to support the administrative details of your business.  With my vast amount of resources, I can either do it or make it happen.  We choose each other, working in a collaborative partnership.  I provide the support needed to get your projects and tasks done — with the goal of moving you and your business to the next level.

How can I best utilize this type of support?

Identify Your Need

By structuring your work so that you focus your time, efforts and energies only on projects, opportunities and people that give you the largest reward for your efforts, you will give yourself the ability to produce more.  Creating a Stop Doing List can bring more discipline and focus into your life.  A Stop Doing List works like this:

Spend a week writing down each thing you do, from phone calls to checking email to the details involved in sending your newsletter or e-zine, compiling mailing lists, etc. (get the idea?) and diligently make a list.  Then circle all the tasks on your list that are not directly income generating and that could be delegated.  Move all of these tasks to a new list and name it your Stop Doing List.  Creating this list will help you evaluate and prioritize the tasks you do on a daily basis and help you consider what you might delegate to your assistant.

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I would highly recommend Karen and her VA services if you are looking for a true partner to not only help you become more efficient day to day, but to grow your business by leaps and bounds.  With her support, the sky’s the limit!

Christine G. – She’s Got Clients