I’m interested!  How do I get started?

Go to my Contact page and send me an email.  Tell me about you and your business in a paragraph or two.  Provide your email address and phone number.  I’ll get in touch with you within 1 to 2 days of receiving your email and we’ll set up a time for a consultation, at no cost to you.  I will also email you a few questions before our appointment for you to consider and for us to discuss during our chat.

What is Virtual Assistance?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a micro business owner who provides administrative (and possibly personal) support by working with clients in long term, collaborative relationships.

Modern technology in the form of the telephone, fax, email, and various computer software makes it possible for a VA to support your business without ever actually meeting face to face or visiting your office.

A VA’s support is administrative in nature.  Some VAs offer additional specialties that are creative or technical, or have additional specialized training to support their clients.

A VA works from her own office, owns her own business, pays her own taxes and insurance, maintains her own equipment using the latest technology and can support anyone, anywhere.

A VA supports busy people like you by handling your administrative tasks.  By analyzing your business and understanding your business needs, learning your goals and being committed to helping you achieve them, a VA becomes a collaborative partner in your business, doing things you don’t have time to do so you can focus on your work and do what you do best.

A VA backs you up and makes it possible for you to free up your time to earn more money.

A VA is a professional business owner building a successful business.

A VA offers support that lightens your load, leverages your time and helps you shine with your clients and customers.

What are the advantages to working with a VA?

There are many and here are the basics:

– Administrative support without having to provide space or equipment for an assistant.

– Support while you travel, no matter where you go.

Having an assistant that knows and understands your business as well as you do.

More control over your schedule and your life.

– Your time is freed up to do things to boost your income —  after all, time is money.

– No overhead, employee taxes, insurance, benefits or vacation to pay.

Things get done! As a VA, if I don’t know how to do something you need, I’ll find the expert who can do the job.

– You pay for 100% productivity – no coffee breaks, water cooler chats, or other
distractions.  Every minute worked is directly focused on YOUR business.

– Outsourcing administrative duties is legitimate tax-deductable business expense.

How long would I expect to work with a VA?

I work with business owners who desire to work in a collaborative partnership, where I assist in an administrative role and learn as much about your business as you want to share with me.  We work together to build a relationship and from that relationship, along with my growing knowledge of your business, I will assist you in a way that will propel your business forward and get you into a position to meet your goals.  Building a valuable partnership like that, how long would you want to work together?

Do you do projects and piecework?

The VA/Client relationship is all about a long-term and collaborative working relationship.  Doing projects and piecework do not allow this relationship to create the level and value of contribution that I can make in your business.  There are VAs who work in a pay-as you-go arrangement and I can help you find them, if that is what you are looking for.

What if we live in different time zones?  Isn’t that an important consideration?

A VA living in a different time zone can extend your work day.

If you live in the United States on the West Coast and your VA is on the East Coast, imagine how much work will be done in the morning before you ever get to the office!

If you live on the East Coast and your VA is on the West Coast, think of how much more she can get done after you leave for the day!

Whether your business is national or international, you can extend your business hours with the support of a VA who is in her office before or after you are in yours.

My commitment to you is that I get your work done, done on time and done well.

What do I pay for?

You pay only for the time I am working for you.  The clock stops with any breaks I take and phone calls I make or receive that don’t apply to your business.

Isn’t working with a VA more expensive than hiring an employee?

Remember that a VA is working in her own space, using her own equipment, paying her own taxes and insurance, is not on your payroll, and is working as a business owner in her own right.  She will work with you on your mutually agreed monthly retainer hours. Those hours will be focused on your business alone.  The time she spends on your tasks and projects is more productive as the time clock stops for any breaks she takes.  You are not responsible for the cost of providing a computer, fax, telephone or software, an office space, payroll taxes, worker’s compensation, liability insurance or perks (vacation, sick pay, etc.)  You pay her once each month for the time agreed upon that she spends supporting you and your business.  Working with a VA simplifies the process of having an assistant. She is as close as sending an email, an instant message or making a phone call.  You are not doing everything yourself anymore.  When you consider this perspective, working with a VA is a bargain.

Why should I choose Sound Support Virtual Assistance?

I have more than 15 years of experience in a variety of industries working in
administrative support roles.  In addition to my extensive experience in the corporate world, I completed the virtual assistant training program at Assist University which is a comprehensive and rigorous 20 week program, inclusive of over 200 hours of classes, testing and field work.  I have participated in three different internships (unpaid experience) totaling over 100 hours working under more experienced VAs.  These internships offered me an opportunity to work with senior VAs in on-the-job training and learning new skills.

I am committed to the process of life-long learning, as technology changes constantly,  staying on top of my game and having the skills necessary to support my clients’ business needs.  I have a vast network of VA colleagues that work solo in their own businesses but together in partnership with other VAs, sharing resources, helping and supporting each other in our work.  Working with me you have the benefit of over 500 other virtual assistants and this network of knowledge and resources.

With commitment, focus, extensive training and determination, as well as a growing toolbox of resources, I am prepared to offer you excellent virtual administrative and marketing support, giving you and your business my very best in collaborating with you to help you meet your goals and take your business to the next level.

Ready to talk? You can contact me here.


Karen is very gifted in her ability to work well
with others.

Dave B. – Starcrest Products of California