Success Library

Here are a few books I highly recommend!


The Wealthy Speak­er

Jane Atkin­son





The Busi­ness of Suc­cess­ful Speak­ing

Andrea H. Gold & Gary K. Yamamo­to





The Suc­cess Prin­ci­ples

Jack Can­field




 Think and Grow Rich

  Napoleon Hill




The Answer:  Grow Any Busi­ness, Achieve Finan­cial Free­dom, and Live an Extra­or­di­nary Life

John Assaraf & Mur­ray Smith




Trust Your Heart: Build­ing Rela­tion­ships That Build Your Busi­ness

Marnie L. Pehrson





My Success Partners include

The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia


Links for Speakers

 Nation­al Speak­ers Asso­ci­a­tion (NSA)


Toast­mas­ters Inter­na­tion­al


Become an Effec­tive Pub­lic Speak­er — with Lau­ra Bergells   (This is a pow­er­ful 1‑hour course through


Pub­lic Speak­ing: An Online Resource Guide


Check out this excel­lent pub­lic speak­ing guide from Maryville Uni­ver­si­ty (Many thanks to Pey­ton John­ston for dis­cov­er­ing this com­pre­hen­sive resource!)


North­east­ern Uni­ver­si­ty’s Pub­lic Speak­ing Guide:  con­tains over 30 valu­able links to top­ics of inter­est to speak­ers


FREE speak­er list­ings:

Free Speak­er Bureau


PAID speak­er list­ings:

Pro­fes­sion­al Speak­er Direc­to­ry


10 Tips for Pub­lic Speak­ing: Over­come Pub­lic Speak­ing Anx­i­ety
(real­ly great info) 


Speech Top­ics Help:


Do you have some real­ly groovy resources to share? 

Please tell me about them here.