How’s Your Hive Buzzing?

But . . . even if you could do it all, should you?

I’d like to share a short essay.*  It’s a fun and brilliant analogy about working in your business.

* I borrowed this, with permission, from Jaime Lee Mann, a former virtual assistant and current owner of Mann Made Copy. She posted this to her blog of June 30, 2008. 


How’s Your Hive Buzzing?

Let’s, for a moment, imagine that your business is a beehive and you’re the Queen Bee. After all, the Queen is the most important bee in the hive – her sole job is to lay eggs. Without eggs, there are no bees so nothing else can happen. You are also the most important person in your business – goes without saying if you’re a ’solo-preneur’. You’re responsible for getting new clients and ensuring all daily operations run smoothly.

Each beehive is a whole world in itself. Each bee has a role to play. It’s a very well-organized society. The Queen’s job is to lay the eggs, but there are worker bees who make the honey, guard bees who make sure no robber bees get in, scout bees who go around finding the best flowers, nurse bees who make sure the babies are cared for, bees who tend to the Queen – fanning her and caressing her, and there are even bees whose lot in life it is to remove the dead bees from the hive.

If it were the Queen’s responsibility to make the honey, guard the hive, scout for nectar and remove dead bees, how many eggs would get laid?

As a business owner, every second you spend typing up letters, writing newsletters, blogging, entering contacts in your database and researching stuff on the Internet is eating up your egg laying time.  Rather…the time you should be spending on meeting with clients, finding new ones and just doing what you want to be doing.

Honeybees have a lot to teach us, don’t they? What sort of chaos would a hive be in if the Queen were running around trying to do everything herself? She’s smarter than that. If a Queen bee could give you some advice, she’d probably tell you to go get yourself a Virtual Assistant so you can focus on what’s important. The future of your company depends on it just as the future of the Queen’s hive depends on her focus of egg laying.

Honeybees invented the art of delegating as far as I’m concerned!

How many more eggs could YOU lay by
working with a virtual assistant?

If this makes sense to you, contact me. Tell me a little about your business. Tell me what you would like to delegate and what is bogging you down.  I welcome the opportunity to set up a time to chat!

Let’s see how we might work together to take your business to the next level and create more time and profitability for you!