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 "If only I could just focus on my speaking instead of all the logistics, my career would really take off."

As a professional speaker, have you thought that lately?

Then you've come to the right place!  You realize that you just can't do it all and you need help.  I am certified as a Professional Virtual Speaker's Assistant. I have the skills and knowledge to help you take your speaking business to the next level.

Think about how it would it feel to:

    • Have speaking engagements regularly coming in
    • Not have to deal with travel and event logistics
    • Have things show up where and when they are supposed to when you arrive to speak
    • Get things done without too much involvement on your part (like maintaining your website; social networking, etc.)
    • Have more time to make more money?

Get ready to be focused on what YOU do best – sharing your message with your audience.
Let your assistant handle the administrative and marketing details.


4 reasons speakers find Speaker’s Assistants invaluable:

1. There is just too much work for one person.

So many new or aspiring speakers have day jobs and they don’t have the time to do all the tasks involved.

2. A virtual speaker’s assistant can help you ramp up faster.

Look for someone with training and experience in doing tasks like working with speakers bureaus. Trained speaker’s assistants understand the industry, the technology and have already established resources and connections.

3. The cost is greater when you do it yourself.

There is a high learning curve for anyone who has never made the journey of a professional speaker. Whether the speaker is paid $5,000 per speech or $270 an hour as a coach, therapist, attorney or entrepreneur, the speaker’s assistant is a tremendous value at a much lower per-hour cost. With a speaker’s assistant the speaker has the freedom to concentrate on those things only the speaker can do, especially writing the best speech he or she can.

4. There is synergy in a collaborative effort.

If you set the timetable, budget, and your intentions, the speaker’s assistant will be there to support you and give you the confidence that you are heading in the right direction.

So you see — having the support of a good assistant can increase your productivity, efficiency and therefore help you earn even more money.

As your assistant, I am your ally and partner, giving you more time to travel, speak and write and do what you do best while I take care of the logistics and back office administrative needs.  I've got your back — and you've got more time.

Want to know more about how a Speaker's Assistant can help?

You can read more about what a speaker's assistant can do for you here.

You can also take a look at this 15 minute slide presentation to get another perspective.

PS – You can quickly find me in the directory that is mentioned at the end of the video. Click on the Virtual Speaker's Assistant Professional logo at the top of this page and you will be immediately taken to my page in the Professional Speaker's Assistant Directory.

If you feel ready to discuss the possibilities of working together, you can contact me here.

One other thing:

eSpeakers.com is a fantastic way to keep all the information about your speaking engagements all in once place, show your available speaking dates on your website, share the information with your assistant, and let the public know when and where you will be speaking next.  Click the image below to get more information if you don't already use and love eSpeakers.


I was lucky to connect with Karen at Sound Support when I needed administrative assistance. She’s been great to work with. She’s organized and both detail and deadline oriented. She was also willing to learn how to use eSpeakers and helped me customize the program for my needs. She’s a valuable addition to my team and I highly recommend her.

Mary B.  Developing Potential