Bottom Line

Contrary to what you might think, 

you CAN afford to work with an assistant

… because, frankly, you can’t afford not to if you are in busi­ness to make seri­ous money.

Sup­port­ing your busi­ness IS my busi­ness.  I make it my busi­ness to ensure, to the best of my abil­i­ty, that the return on your invest­ment by work­ing with an assis­tant will be prof­itable for you.

Here’s what you get when you work with me:

You will make the most of YOUR time by del­e­gat­ing the details of your admin­is­tra­tive and mar­ket­ing tasks, thus cre­at­ing more time and space to do the things that earn you more money.

As a solo­pre­neur, you now have anoth­er brain to pick that knows and under­stands your busi­ness, your busi­ness goals and can help you cre­ate solu­tions that will offer you more time to increase your income.

You have access to my expe­ri­ence, knowl­edge, and skills along with my abil­i­ty to han­dle and man­age those tasks that you pre­fer to outsource.


You have access to my pro­fes­sion­al con­nec­tions and the skills of oth­er vir­tu­al sup­port pro­fes­sion­als that are an impor­tant ele­ment in my busi­ness toolbox.

Increased Val­ue
Your val­ue to your clients is bound to increase because your busi­ness will be seen dif­fer­ent­ly, appear­ing larg­er and more pro­fes­sion­al, when work­ing with an assistant.

After all, does Don­ald Trump make his own appoint­ments, keep his own cal­en­dar, make his own trav­el arrange­ments, do his own press releas­es, screen his poten­tial clients, or han­dle his oth­er busi­ness details himself?

Ask your­self these 3 things

1)  What tasks am I will­ing to del­e­gate in order to free up my time to do what I do best?

2)  How would it feel to have that time back — time that I spend on tasks that don’t make me money?

3)  What could I do, cre­ate or build if I had 10, 15, or 20 hours more each month to do what I am most pas­sion­ate about?

If del­e­gat­ing your busi­ness house­keep­ing chores to a trust­wor­thy assis­tant intrigues and excites you, con­tact me here to set up a 30 minute com­pli­men­ta­ry consultation.

We will explore the pos­si­bil­i­ties together!